We are a collection of very experienced people adept at handling multiple tasks throughout a project’s lifecycle.

We don’t staff accounts with niche roles when smaller teams are more effective, both in terms of creativity and cost. Clients have direct access to members of our team that are responsible for their work. We believe this approach holds q30 staff to a high degree of accountability and allows us to be responsive and flexible.

Peter Scott
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Peter Scott (he/him)

Principal, Founder

Making sure things are running smoothly has a lot of different facets – I do everything from strategy to project management to creative direction to coaching, not to mention changing studio light bulbs and water cooler bottle management.

I spend a lot of time on client service. I’m proud that our major clients have been with us for 10 to 20 years. It’s a testament to our view that client relationships can’t be self-serving – we all benefit from relationships that mature with time and value mutual respect. This won't get us hired – our design expertise will – but it helps make sure they keep coming back.

I need to be connected to water in some way regularly. It calms and grounds me and gives me a reflective surface to look at life with clarity – in a way that the concrete world doesn't allow. I make my big decisions near water.

Darrell Corriveau
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Darrell Corriveau (he/him)

VP - Digital

Interactive isn’t a separate discipline. All our work is rooted in the design process, which to me is about asking the right questions to solve the right problems. Even though I'm heavily involved in all our interactive work, I also participate in other design-related activities in the studio, like brand identity and print work.

Everybody wins when clients are an active participant in the design process. Client opinions, insight, and expertise are critical to the success of any project. I encourage and facilitate open collaboration between q30 and client teams as much as possible.

I love running long distances through Toronto’s riverside and lakefront parks. I particularly like the wilder parts of High Park and the Humber River Valley. Running has the dual effect of clearing my mind and filling it with new thoughts and ideas.

Tejashri Kapure
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Tejashri Kapure (she/her)

VP - Executive Creative Director

Design is an indispensable tool. I believe that good design elevates the value of a brand, clarifies complexity, creates emotional connections and has the power to inspire behavioural change.

I bridge the gap between strategic thinking, creativity and craft, to design better experiences that help brands build trust and connect with people.

Success requires a close collaboration with clients, users and multi-disciplinary teams, all working together towards a united vision. Each project is unique with its own set of challenges, I work closely with clients to determine the best path forward.

An eye on the future. With strong roots established in branding and digital design, I am currently pursuing a Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD University while working full-time. This program continues to expand my passion for sustainable business models, I am fuelled with the desire to create holistic experiences and service ecosystems that work for our planet, our clients and the people they serve.

Natalia Reis
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Natalia Reis (she/her)

VP - Brand

As a Designer, I’m passionate about the craft of design, and making sure the same level of craft comes through in everything we do – whether it’s 2D design, web design, infographics, typography, wayfinding, event branding...

Corporate Branding is much more than a logo, a colour, or a font. It’s a commitment to your employees, your customers and your shareholders to do what you say you are going to do.

A few summers ago I visited two of nine of the Azores Islands, Sao Miguel and Terceria. They’re literally half way between Newfoundland and Europe. You can drive to the top of the peak at the narrowest point on San Miguel, and you’re surrounded by ocean. No other land in sight. A feeling comes over you and you realize just how small you are.

Joanne Mondelli
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Joanne Mondelli (she/her)

Director of Engagement

Being responsible for Business Development at q30 is an ideal position for me. After all, I get to use my years of experience as a marketer to help companies find solutions to their digital marketing challenges. Our clients tell us that they chose us because we are experts in communicating really complicated information in a way that engages their customers and stakeholders. And the positive outcomes they realize are tangible. The q30 track record is impressive and I get to brag about it!

The fact that I also get the privilege of working with a group of people who have real integrity, are incredibly talented and who simply love doing a great job for each and every one of our clients is just icing on the cake.

I’ve always been fascinated with people, what motivates them, what makes them happy, why they do what they do. I continue to be a keen observer of humanity whether that be simply watching the world go by outside my window or engaging in meaningful one-on-one conversations.

Justin Hope
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Justin Hope (he/him)

Director of Development

As a Web Developer, I’m always thinking about how salient content development and strong design come together. That’s the question that unites experience design, frontend development, usability and strategy.

You know a site is well-designed when you don’t have to think about what to do. I wish people could see how much thought goes into everything: the strategy behind the work being done, why we made our choices, how we arrived at our conclusions.

Cycling is a must for me. Coupling repetitive action with changing scenery is very helpful in matters where I need to think.

K Andrews
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K Andrews (they/them)

Director of UX, Accessibility Specialist

My role as a UX designer is to make sure that a system meets the needs of its users - I help make sure that they can find what they need, complete tasks easily, and enjoy the experience. My job is to back up great design with a solid UX foundation. I enjoy working on collaborative teams like q30 where strategy, UX, creative, and development can work closely together to find excellent design solutions.

I like to think of myself as an advocate for users: through research, interviews, user testing, information architecture, and prototyping, I’m responsible for making sure that users are heard and represented, and for marrying their needs and goals with business requirements to build fantastic user experiences that best represent the clients’ values.

I believe in social advocacy through design. Whether it’s keeping up to date and vocal about AODA, being active in the digital privacy community, or researching and speaking on the importance of inclusive information design, I’m passionate about socially responsible design for all users.

Joanne Sincich

Joanne Sincich (she/her)

Senior Project Manager

I've been an active part of Toronto's digital community for over 15 years, working hard to earn the reputation as a dedicated and forthright project manager, influenced by my mentor. Over the years, I’ve grown and changed while watching and experiencing the digital landscape change alongside me.

The different layers of challenging work and diverse opportunities have nurtured my work ethic, impacted my social and environmental views and blessed me with some great and lasting friendships.

Years ago, I set out to see as much of Europe as I could fit into 3 months. I returned 2 years later, having lived in a hut, worked on a potato farm, and toured the coast from the North of France to the Algarve. All of these experiences have influenced me in so many ways. I’ve gained new perspectives, grown my confidence and changed my priorities. I am so appreciative and grateful that I made the decision to stay on.

Jacqueline Wong

Jacqueline Wong (she/her)

Senior Designer, Digital/Brand

As a designer, I seek variety in what I do. Whether it is print, web, mobile or motion design, I give form to ideas people can see and experience.

Creativity and understanding your clients turn feelings of fear from staring at a blank canvas into excitement when you create something beautiful and functional. Reflecting on where you were and how far you have come with a project is one of my favourite parts about designing.

Sometimes I (intentionally) take the scenic route. Exploratory walks to nowhere in particular is my favourite way of discovering.

Dani Sayeau

Dani Sayeau (they/them)

Senior UX Designer

I take a research driven approach to solving complex problems. A deep understanding of user needs, client objectives, and the ecosystem in which a project exists informs the best approach to designing the user experiences. Using an understanding of cognitive psychology and neurophysiology we can “vision to think” – by designing in a way that leverages the brain’s cognitive architecture, we can convey complex information in a way that’s easy to digest.

I believe that the best UX design is accessible to even the most vulnerable members of our society; every user has different life circumstances, perspectives, and access needs. By putting accessibility at the center of UX design, we work towards creating more equitable and inclusive digital tools.

Taking a walk is when I do my best thinking. I find stepping away from my work and spending time on the trails helps me get out of my head and see a project more clearly. The forest is an inspiring trove of biodiversity where there’s always something interesting to learn about.

Olivia Montagnese

Olivia Montagnese (she/her)


As a designer, I’m passionate about the ability design has to shift perspectives, create immersive experiences, and spark change. Being able to collaborate, iterate, and learn from other creatives are the best aspects of what I do.

The local and international art and design communities, art galleries, and my friends, are my constant sources of inspiration. Being able to immerse myself in those experiences makes me a better designer.

I love the arts and culture scene. Exploring new cafes, bookstores, and sneaker shops are some of my favourite things to do. The people and the hum of the city make me happy.

Shweta Sharma

Shweta Sharma (She/they)

Design Intern

I believe that good visual communication understands the needs of its audience and is intentional in its purpose. Following that philosophy, I love to create work that's strategic, clean, and full of personality.

My design inspiration comes from all places artsy and mundane whether it's an hour-long YouTube video about an obscure artist, mobile game UIs, or storefronts around the corner. I believe in the rejuvenating power of walking to nowhere with your headphones blasting pop music. During my downtime, I like to find books and sometimes even read them!

Susan Wilby
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Susan Wilby (she/her)

Studio Manager

“Organized efficiency” is what I strive for as Studio Manager. It’s my job to help ensure a place for everything, and everything in its place. The more that’s true, the more everyone here can focus on doing their best work.

If there’s a q30 style, it’s clean, clear, and concise. All the “c” words!

Music speaks to me. I don’t know what it is about the “Nimrod” movement from Elgar’s Enigma Variations, but it moves me deeply each and every time I hear it. It’s an amazing piece of music.

Glenda Rissman
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Glenda Rissman (she/her)

Founder Emeritus and Special Advisor

My role has changed recently to Special Advisor as I step away from my day-to-day, full time responsibilities. I am available to Peter and the team to ensure business continuity, and to add value to special projects where my experience and skill set could be beneficial to the client.