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Underscoring credibility through ease of use.

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is an independent regulatory body that monitors and regulates local utility distribution companies. It has two very distinct target audiences: the general public and industry partners. q30 created a new site to support these groups and to reinforce OEB’s advocacy position in a challenging energy market.

  • User Experience Workshops
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Functional Prototypes
  • Visual Design
  • Code Development
OEB website homepage

In order to get upfront buy-in and ease decision making, q30 engaged the entire OEB team in a series of workshops. With no preset assumptions of what CMS  best suited the job, q30 researched the OEB's needs and requirements and then identified the ideal solution and development partner. We then acted as the conduit for all work from coding to billing. This was particularly important given the challenges the client faced with internal resources.

OEB navigation

A rigorous system of UX testing was supported with regular user feedback gathering to validate navigation and inform information flow. The amount of information to be communicated was immense, so every bit of content was rewritten to be user focused and friendly. No complicated jargon or double speak was allowed.

OEB website Rates and Bill page

A dynamic content architecture was developed to reduce input redundancy and increase accuracy. To further shore-up internal OEB resources, our project management was very ‘hands on’.

OEB website mobile view

The new site employs best-in-class design and complies with Ontario's AODA accessibility regulations. Consumers can easily find everything from how rates are set, to help for low income families.

OEB website tablet view

With our innovative utility performance dashboard, they can look-up their local utility to see how it’s performing against OEB targets. For more intrepid users, it allows easy deep dives into governance and the regulatory process. The industry section gives partners quick access to important resources on policies and industry relations.

OEB website utility dashboard, mobile and tablet view

We are extremely proud of the OEB website. It was a big job, with all the hurdles and challenges inherent therein. Just the kind of project we love to sink our teeth into.