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Your gateway to Ontario's electricity sector.

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) manages the reliable operation of the power system and operates the real-time electricity market for Ontario. The IESO administers, supports and also advises on policies set by the Ministry of Energy and the Ontario Energy Board. They are also the connection point between participants in the electricity generation market and both large-scale industrial users and local distribution companies.

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IESO website

The IESO’s website gives audiences the big picture on how the system works, how to participate in the market, and how to provide input to help shape the sector.

IESO website

The site redesign was meant to signal the IESO’s evolving mandate to communicate effectively with a much broader, consumer-oriented audience. Many pages have been consolidated and simplified, and infographics have been added to explain processes.

IESO website
IESO website

We expanded the brand look and feel to include eye-catching and impactful illustration to help ground and explain the complexities of Ontario’s evolving electricity sector.

IESO website

The new site makes it easier for market participants to understand IESO processes and their obligations. It features cleaner design, and numerous user-friendly additions, such as simplified page navigation, interactive graphs, more readable typography and larger images.

IESO website